1972 Chevrolet Suburban, because your project cars are too small


1972 GMC Suburban For Sale (4)

Even if you’re not a “Chevy Guy”, there’s no arguing the 68-72 Chevy and GMC trucks are among the most iconic and handsome around.

This one’s interesting to start with, but it’s also a great case study in the importance of basing your offer on a thorough in person inspection. The engine bay looks new, clean and well-done. The exterior’s free from obvious rust, has what I’ll generously call “maintenance primer” and spared any stupid aftermarket stuff. Were this your wife’s truck, the “rack” jokes would never cease. And yet, there’s no pictures of the interior. The seller tells us it needs a glove box, HVAC hose re-installation and auxiliary gas tank clean out. The gas tank’s not trivial, but were I selling at >$6,000, I’d take the time to address the other two.

1972 GMC Suburban For Sale (1)1972 GMC Suburban For Sale (2)1972 GMC Suburban For Sale (3)

We’re obviously not talking about a perfect, complete example here, but the $6,000-10,000 price range is rife with cars that show promise but are secretly basket cases. Ask me how I know. Anyway, bidding opens at $6,000 and ends Monday.



Credit: Hooniverse