Armenian Madman destroys hill climb in E46 M3

You know that feeling when you hit your favorite on-ramp a little too fast - That little bit of white knuckle, heart racing, butt puckering? Okay, take that feeling, amplify it by a thousand, add a dash of pure terror and finish it off with a good old womanly cry – That's a little taste of what you'd experience in the passenger seat of Garo Haroutounian's E46 M3 hill climb rocket as he tears around blind corners, off camber crests, and narrowly avoids plummeting off of Lebanon's Falougha Hill Climb. Watching Garo pilot his hill climb machine sideways through city streets at breakneck speeds is nothing short of awe inspiring and his blaze orange M3 with the screaming of its inline 6 simply commands attention.

The one thing that confuses me the most, however, is trying to figure out how he drives with such know what, just watch the video and be humbled by this Armenian showing Lebanon who's boss in his Bavarian machine.

Video Here!