Auto Salvage


The basic definition of salvage is to save, but what does auto salvage actually mean? What use can my old wrecked piece of junk car actually have? The answer is parts and materials. As a whole your wreckage may have no more practical use then a lawn ornament. Which for our purposes makes the quote “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” completely backwards. For us auto salvage is all about the individual parts and components; for, while your car may no longer be road worthy it does still have some use to society. In the modern era in which we live, auto salvage has come to equal recycling. Recycling does not just apply to paper and plastics, old defunct automobiles can be recycled too. Auto salvage sees beyond the whole, the sum of the parts, and looks deeper into the soul of your car to see not a derelict rotting mess but an old beauty who can still serve use beyond itself. Consider your old car an organ donor for the auto industry; the whole may no longer function as originally intended but the parts can still be put to good use. That’s what auto salvage is all about, finding use for the materials that can no longer work together, but it can provide a new heart to another. Naturally no one expects you to just give it away, you can earn a profit with your salvageable goods. Auto salvage companies like serve customers in nearly every state and you can get paid cash right away when the trained auto salvage experts come to pick your car. So don’t hesitate any longer and call to get a quote. Ease your burden while making a profit and helping the earth, because remember, salvage equals recycling and how can that be a bad thing.