Today in 1935: The First Parking Meter Is Installed

Today in 1935: The First Parking Meter Is Installed

The next time you're frantically rushing to plug your parking meter, you can curse Carl C. Magee. Because it was on this day in 1935 that Magee's parking meters made their world debut, much to the chagrin of future drivers everywhere.

The first three decades of the 20th century saw the rise of the automobile, and along with it, the rise of parking congestion. Throughout the 1910s and '20s, parking in America's major cities was largely a chaotic mess. Many municipalities tried to regulate the disordered cluster of parked cars that would flood American downtowns by simply banning cars outright. On April 10, 1920 the city of Los Angeles even banned all parking downtown during daytime hours. Needless to say, this didn't go over so well. After many very public protests — including parades of cars streaming through downtown L.A. — the ban was lifted before the month was through.


How Car Insurance Companies Handle Car Accident Claims

What Goes on Behind the Scenes

When Apple programmer Kit Cutler's 2012 Ford Focus was slammed from behind by a silver Lexus, the hit was so hard that it shoved his car into the Honda Accord in front of him. Although no one was hurt in the accident, the driver of the silver Lexus drove off without providing insurance information to anyone. Cutler and the Accord's driver exchanged insurance information, filed reports with the police and went home. The accident was only slightly more confusing to Cutler than the insurance claims process that came after.


Check out this million-mile Porsche 356

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One can learn a lot about a car over the course of driving it a million miles. Unfortunately, most people will trade their car in for something newer the minute the mechanic says "needs an engine rebuild" or "there's major rust damage." But it wasn't so for Guy Newmark of San Pedro, CA, Petrolicious reports, whose 1964 Porsche 356C has been daily driven for over 40 years, accruing 980,000 miles along the way. Of course it needed an engine rebuild – three, in fact – but it's nigh unbelievable that the original transmission lasted 900,000 miles before it needed to be gone through.


Celebrities and Their First Cars

Brad Pitt - Buick

With fame often comes riches. Before fame struck for many of Hollywood's elite however, life was not so glamorous, and so neither were the rides. Before Beamers Benzs and Bentleys, there were plenty of Buicks, Fords, and Dodges. Take a look at a few of these celebs first rides.


Junkyard Find: 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

03 - 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Down On the Junkyard - Pictures courtesy of Murilee Martin

The brain-melting Colorado yard must have a couple thousand pre-1970 cars scattered about its several square miles of land on the Colorado High Plains just east of Pikes Peak. That means I’ll never run out of Junkyard Finds there! While most of my Brain-Melting Junkyard posts have featured non-Big-Three products, there’s some pretty good stuff made by The General among the Kaisers and Willys (Willyses?). Today we’ll look at a sunbleached but solid-looking ’62 Cadillac.


History lesson: the Datsun name

The brand’s back. An auspicious time to reflect on its heritage...

History lesson: Datsun

It's official - after 27 years, the Datsun name plate is back, when it'll be glued on the front of a Micra-sized budget runaround. It has five doors. It has a 1.2-litre engine. It costs £4,500 ($6900). And it's born of Nissan's loins.

In many ways, it's a lot like 1934. Only with fewer Adolf Hitlers. And Great Depressions. And prohibition laws. And Al Capones...



1993 BMW 525iX


I spent two years working at a BMW dealership over the last decade, yet not once did one of these ever turn up. Then, all of a sudden, this one seems to have become a permanent resident not three minutes walk from my house. I have to say, being of the genus Lazus Bastardis, I’m all in favour of potential V.I.S.I.T subjects coming to me rather than having to expend actual effort on my part…. And reading Antti’s tales of 518iness I felt even more inspired to put some trousers on and go look at this one.


We take a ride in a 1949 Rover 75

Britain's first new post-war Rover saloon

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If there is anything approaching a critical mass of Rover cars somewhere in America, it's arguably in Fitchburg, Mass. Haven't heard of it? Neither had we, until we met up with Dirk Burrowes one Friday morning in June at his company's facility in that northern Massachusetts town. Burrowes owns an impressive anthology of classic Rovers, with the earliest car in his collection celebrating its 103rd birthday this year.