Vintage Porsche 911s, 912s and 356s to cross the block Aug. 24

Porschephiles: This is your time to buy, this is your best chance to get in the game, this is your nirvana.

On Aug. 24, a collection of nearly 200 squashed Beetles from Stuttgart are going on sale through Anglia Car Auctions in Kings Lynn, England. The collection is made up of barn finds, projects and completely restored cars, and vehicles will be sold by the handful over the next year or so. (more…)

Comparison: Ford Taurus SHO vs. Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan

With the death of the Panther platform, a premature or at least poorly planned one in my opinion, Ford was left without a dedicated workhorse platform. Ford’s replacement plan for police cars, taxicabs, and limousines came in a variety of cars, which included modified versions of the Taurus, Explorer, Transit Connect, and MKT. These replacements of the Panther came with much scrutiny from the automotive media, but I always wanted to know what is the opinion of the people who have to live with these vehicles everyday. (more…)

This Is What Happens When F1 Comes To Town

A 104-degree track, a booze-cooled audience, screaming V8s with Mercedes-AMG at its best and the GP2 paddock, where everybody wants to upgrade their ride. Here's what it's like backstage at the Hungaroring.

On Friday night, I was on my way to meet Alfonso de Orléans-Borbón, who was kind enough to lend me a GP2 paddock pass at the last minute for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Just like everybody else, I was trying to secure an F1 pass in time for the race, and just like many, I failed. (more…)

This 1937 Ford Is a High School Hauler

There’s something incredible about driving a flathead Ford, and this particular car demonstrates it perfectly. It’s not a fast car—to be honest, it’s anything but. It’s not particularly luxurious, or refined, or comfortable. It doesn’t blow your mind through the corners, and driving it in fast traffic can be straight-up terrifying. With all that said, it’s still one of my all-time favorite drives, for the simple reason that driving an early V8 Ford reminds me (perhaps more than any other car) that I am piloting a living, breathing machine. Everything I see, everything I touch, and everything I hear has texture. It’s an supremely tactile experience that newer, more refined cars seem to hide from their drivers. There’s an absolute symphony of (more…)

Catch three rare Corvette concepts at the LeMay Museum

Three Corvette concepts are leaving their home at the GM Heritage Center for a brief visit to the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Wash.

Tacoma, Wash.'s LeMay Museum has a pretty impressive collection of cars in its collection, but it also has the pull to get some intriguing visitors from time to time.

This month, a trio of rare Corvette concepts -- cars that spend most of their time out of the public eye in theGM Heritage Collection -- is stopping by. The visit is part of a special Corvette exhibition set to run till the end of the year, but the concepts will only be in town for three days. (more…)

Petrolicious gets super Seventies in a Ferrari Dino 208 GT4

Petrolicious highlights Bradley Price's Ferrari Dino 208 GT4The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 was the automaker's first sports car with a V8 mounted amidships, and that formula quickly became the Italian automaker's bread and butter. The 308 in the name denotes a 3.0-liter V8, but for the Italian market, where a tax was imposed on cars with engines larger than two liters, Ferraridecided to de-bore the V8 to avoid the tax. Thus the 2.0-liter Dino 208 GT4 was born, and New York resident Bradley Price likes his 1976 model just the way it is. (more…)

Land Rover tests electric Defender with impressive results

Land Rover sent its first Electric Defender to be tested at the Eden Project.

The first Electric Defender has started work at the Eden Project near St Austell in Cornwall in an inaugural real world trial of its capabilities. Unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the Land Rover Electric Defender is a pioneering research project into the electrification of an all-terrain vehicle. (more…)

Over 212,000 Flood Damaged Cars Back on Roads

Used car shoppers need to be especially wary of “great deals” found in used car listings.

Following Superstorm Sandy, there are likely over 212,000 more vehicles currently on U.S. roads that were labelled as “flood damaged” by a state Department of Motor Vehicles. According to a report from Carfax, almost 66 percent of those vehicles are located in states near where the storm happened. (more…)

How German cars beat British motors – and kept going

The UK car industry was once one of Germany's biggest competitors; now it has become one of its biggest assets, argues author Dominic Sandbrook. How did Germany accelerate away?

Forty years ago, Germany's biggest carmakers were putting the finishing touches to a product that would change their image forever. (more…)

The 17 Worst Cars You Can Buy

For those who remember earlier eras, the cars on this "worst" list will seem laughable. They won't turn to rust at the first sign of rain, spontaneous combustion is improbable and plowing into another car at 40 mph isn't automatically a death sentence. (more…)