The Ten Best Driving Apps

The Ten Best Driving Apps

While factory car software is getting better and better, there are still some clever apps that can enhance the driving experience.

Be it navigation or music, information or games, here are are your ten favorite driving apps. (more…)

Watch 450 Pounds of Dynamite Take Down a Power Plant

Out with the old, in with the new. Earlier this week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Florida Power & Light Co. demolished one of its power plants with 450 pounds of dynamite to make way for a cleaner and more eco-friendly plant that's slated to open in 2016. The Port Everglades plant had been in operation since the '60s. (more…)

Classic races are excellent

Classic races are excellent

Went to a historic race weekend at Brands Hatch last weekend. Great two days relaxing in the sun in the centre of a racetrack while race cars thunder around you.

Classic races are excellent

There's a great vibe to these events, and the paddock's completely open so you're free to wander around and pester the drivers by taking pictures. Lots of interesting metal waiting to get out on the track: (more…)

Infant Child Left In Sweet Camaro

The totally bitchin’ ’68 SS 350, which sources say contains a baby as well as a powerful 302 V8 engine.

MASHPEE, MA—An 18-month infant is reportedly recovering from a severe case of heatstroke today after local parking lot attendees found her trapped inside a sweet-ass Camaro, police said in a press conference today. (more…)

Watch A Motorcycle Rider Crash And Land On A Camaro’s Roof

You know, if he needed a ride that badly, he probably should have just asked.

This Florida motorcycle rider had a very close call with a Camaro recently that he uploaded to YouTube. He says he was "cruisin' barely above the limit" when the Camaro in front of him slowed down without braking. Without brake lights to catch his attention, and lacking a good escape route, he slammed on his brakes to try and skim by the side of the car. (more…)

Wisconsin Man Builds Life-Size Tonka Truck

Wisconsin Man Builds Life-Size Tonka Truck

It started out as a $700 Chevy Brad Doane bought off of the side of the road and now it's a life-size, two-ton Tonka Truck. He isn't just living his childhood dream, he's driving it.

Brad's family has been in the tow truck business for 66 years, KARE 11 News reports, but only now is Irvington Garage Towing in Menomonie, Wisconsin adding this giant toy to their fleet. 40-year-old Brad works at the family business and his mother wasn't surprised when he said he wanted to build a Tonka Mighty Wrecker in full size.

"He had every Tonka there ever was," Lonna Doane told KARE 11 NewsOnly recently did she bring home a Mighty Wrecker from a charity auction. "He said, 'Mom, I want to build the Tonka."

Wisconsin Man Builds Life-Size Tonka Truck

It took Brad a year to turn a $700 1984 Chevy pickup he found on the side of the road into the finished creation he drives now. He's the one who cut and welded and lengthened and shaped the Chevy into the Tonka. It now stands 20 feet long and ten feet tall, weighing two tons.

Wisconsin Man Builds Life-Size Tonka Truck

Amazingly, Brad didn't go for a mechanical winch, keeping a hand crank instead. "I had to keep it true to the little guy you know," he told KARE 11.

The Tonka is therefore resigned to parade duty, but it still does work impressing everyone who sees it.

"When you're driving down the road and you meet people, it's not like they give a double take; it's like a triple take," Brad said to KARE.

This Sunday, Brad plans to drive the truck to the Spirit of the Lakes parade in Mound, where Tonka was founded.

Source: Jalopnik