These Are The Hilarious Vanity License Plates You Can’t Have In Georgia

These Are The Hilarious Vanity License Plates You Can't Have In Georgia

Georgia! It's a bastion of decency and morality nestled deep within the Bible Belt. And for that reason, state officials can't let people drive around with whatever they want on their vanity license plates. Of course not! Such brazen displays of impropriety could upset people and cause them to riot in the streets.

For this reason, the State of Georgia not only rejects many vanity plates that could be construed as offensive (as do many states), but they also maintain a database (search ithere) of all the plates they turned down. (more…)

Check Out These Beautiful Photos From The Apollo 11 Moon Mission

Check Out These Beautiful Photos From The Apollo 11 Moon Mission

Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the first time humans set foot upon the Moon, when the Lunar Module of Apollo 11 landed on July 20th, 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took plenty of stunning photos, and here are a few shots from angles you may not have seen before.

The picture of Earth above is actually from the return trip, after Armstrong and Aldrin made a rendezvous with fellow astronaut Michael Collins in the orbiting Command Module, but I just couldn't help myself from featuring it up top as it's so gorgeous. I won't go ahead and say that it makes the world seem so small and we should all work together, etc. etc.. What I will say, though, is that seeing these images in both color and in high resolution makes the Moon seem that much closer, and our dreams for further exploration that much more attainable. (more…)

The Diesels are Coming


That's right, diesel vehicles, which have long been conceived as being loud, annoying, clattering things unfit for our generation are proving to be quite the opposite. With recent advances in mechanical technology, auto manufacturers (both international and domestic) are trying to prove that times have changed. For instance, Chevy has just added the 2014 Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel to their lineup and the stats don't lie - This is one impressive little machine. (more…)

This is Peugeot’s Error 404 Page, And It Made Me Laugh

This is Peugeot's Error 404 Page, And It Made Me Laugh

Well, maybe not laugh. Smugly smile in an I-see-what-you-did-there sort of way is closer to the truth . See, here I was, casually speccing out a 508 RXH (because, you know, imaginary money) when this happened (for those of you who don't know your vintage Pugs, that's a Peugeot 404, hence hilarity). (more…)