Swedish Cops Deny Drag Race Between Officer And Hyundai

Police in Jordbrolänken, Sweden have come under fire after a video surfaced that purports to show a drag race between a cop car and another motorist just south of Stockholm. But was it really a race?

Sweden's The Local reports that the video was first published by the newspaper Expressen, and they claimed it shows an officer pull alongside another vehicle before the two race off while a crowd cheers on. The area has been "notorious" for street races in the past, they say, and now the officers are facing a backlash for participating in the race. (more…)

A Tribute To One Of The Greatest Cars Ever Made

A Tribute To One Of The Greatest Cars Ever Made

The Ford GT40. So fast. So gorgeous. Even decades later, it still turns heads, and it still stops hearts. So if a guy who draws cars in video games for a living wants to pay tribute to a vehicle, there aren't many better options.

The work you're seeing here is that of Luis Nieves, who's recently been working with Microsoft and Turn 10 on Forza for the Xbox One. He's a man who loves the GT40 so much he built one of the best 3D models of a car ever seen, one that's won him a ton of awards and has got its own website. (more…)

What Automotive Technology Will Be Gone In A Few Years?

What Automotive Technology Will Be Gone In A Few Years?

We know what car technologies are coming soon, but what about the ones that are on the way out?

Not to be overly speculative, but we have very indication that rear-view mirrors are going to go the way of external handbrakes and gas-lit headlights. More and more cars are getting backup cameras, and it's only a matter of time before rear-view mirrors are replaced with screens entirely. Hey, that's how the VW XL1 works. (more…)

New Cadillac Logo to Ditch Wreath Design



Cadillacis planning to scrap the laurel wreaths that surround its crest for a refreshed badge that will debut in Pebble Beach next month.


According to a report from Automotive News, General Motors will likely show the badge for the first time on a concept car coming to the Concours d’Elegance. However, it won’t appear on production vehicles until at least the 2015 model year. (more…)

Mercedes knows its buyers, designs golf cart of the future

Mercedes-Benz Vision golf cart concept - rendering - front three-quarter view

The Mercedes-Benz Vision golf cart isn't a golf cart at all, it's an electric luxo-buggy that you can use on the greens and that should have its own model-line designation, like Tee-Class. The Germans gathered suggestions from around the world for the ideal golfer carrier, and the top poll findings are wrapped in a design language that the doodlers at the Advanced Design Center call "Sensual-Purity." (more…)

Armenian Madman destroys hill climb in E46 M3

You know that feeling when you hit your favorite on-ramp a little too fast - That little bit of white knuckle, heart racing, butt puckering? Okay, take that feeling, amplify it by a thousand, add a dash of pure terror and finish it off with a good old womanly cry – That's a little taste of what you'd experience in the passenger seat of Garo Haroutounian's E46 M3 hill climb rocket as he tears around blind corners, off camber crests, and narrowly avoids plummeting off of Lebanon's Falougha Hill Climb (more…)

How to get quick cash from your Junk Car

With the economy rebounding from the fiscal crisis of 2008, we are now at a 5 year high in new car sales, and automobiles from all manufacturers are flying off of the lot, filling up driveways across the United States. With all of these new cars being sold daily, what are you supposed to do with your old junk car? While some people opt to trade them into the dealership, what happens when your car is broken down in the driveway, or the dealership quotes you some ridiculously low price for your car?

Services like ours (Old Junk Car) are making the process easier for those of you who want to sell your car, but don't want to spend all day cleaning it, getting it inspected by a mechanic, fixing parts, listing it for sale on Craigslist, and haggling with low-ballers trying to trade you everything under the sun for your old car – Some people just want to get paid fairly and without any hassle. That's where we come in.

OldJunkCar is offering a service that gets you paid quickly and without hassle, even if your old car is completely inoperable. All you need to do is call (800) 592-9078, schedule a convenient pick up time with our dispatch team, collect your cash from the tower, and that is all there is to it. There is simply no easier way to get cash for your junk car. If you are wondering what to do with your old car, there isn't an easier way to get paid, so give us a call today!