Sell Junk Cars For Cash in Arkansas and Get Free Junk Car Removal

Edited by: Nicholas Brit

If you live in Arkansas and have a junk car cluttering up your driveway, garage or front yard, it's time to take action. Luckily for you, Old Junk Car is here to help. We work closely with vehicle owners throughout the contiguous United States to remove those rusty old clunkers from your property without it costing you a dime. You simply contact us with the make, model, and condition of your car, and we setup a time for one of our wrecking partners to visit your home and remove the vehicle.

How Old Junk Car Works
Junk car removal is a simple process, designed to minimize the amount of stress placed on the vehicle owner. Imagine the alternative. If you call a standard towing service, they're going to charge you a minimum of $50 just to hook up your car and if the car needs to be laid on a flatbed or taken a long distance, it can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 to have it taken away. You're paying someone else to take your old car.

Old Junk Car reimagines the junk car removal process by giving you money for your old junk car and making sure you don't have to worry about anything other than being home when one of our removal partners visits your home.

If you live in Arkansas and have an old junk car in your yard, use the web form on our site or call us today to setup an appointment. When you call, we will take down the make and model of your car or truck and setup a time for our experts to come to your home.

We can take care of the paperwork over the phone with little to no work on your part and get your car off your property in no time flat. Better yet, because we take possession of your car the same day, ownership is transferred immediately. Once the car leaves your property, you never again need to worry about it. With some other services and many towing companies, the car is in your name until it goes to auction and that means anything that happens could be your liability – not a good situation.

Arkansas Junk Car Title Regulations
You must follow the below regulations for transferring your title and registration in the state of Arkansas.
• Certificate of Title- Complete back as seller, complete bill of sale, and complete a Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle to mail to the Department of Finance & Administration
• Odometer Disclosure – Cars less than 10 years old must have an odometer disclosure statement included.

Call Us Today!
So, if you're tired of worrying about the old junk car in your yard and want to take action once and for all, call Old Junk Car today. You'll never again need to worry about that heap of metal turning your home into an eye soar or prompting visits from the neighbors.