Junk Cars For Cash and Junk Car Removal in Colorado (CO)

You probably have tons of questions about selling a junk car in Colorado. We will try to answer as many of them as possible below, but feel free to call us to ask any specific questions and to get a guaranteed cash offer for your car.

1. What is considered a Junk Car in Colorado? Typically, a Junk car means a car that is at the end of it's life. We however prefer buying cars that still run and drive. When the car is truly at the end of it's life, we bring it to a junkyard to scrap it, or to a salvage yard for other car owners to buy the parts.

2. Who Else Buys Junk Cars for Cash in Colorado? You probably found us by searching in Google for cash for junk cars, and you no doubt saw dozens of websites advertising, and hundreds of other websites that appear to buy junk cars. We obviously want you to sell your car to us 🙂 However, it would be irresponsible to recommend that you only call us and don't shop around. If your car is running and driving, you can call local used car dealers and see if they are interested. They will likely want to inspect it in person and that process can take a while. If it needs to be towed, you can call a few junk yards and salvage yards near you in Colorado and see how much scrap cars are worth in Colorado today. They might try to charge for towing, so make sure you ask about that too. Many of the local junk car buyers you might call have agreements with OldJunkCar to buy cars from us, we negotiate bulk deals, so we are able to fetch a higher value than you might get calling as an individual. We also have a good knack for deciding if a car is really junk or if it can be salvaged, sold at a colorado salvage auction and fetch a premium price. You can call the auction houses yourself, but you will be responsible for auction fees, towing, and risk the car not selling for enough. Since we sell hundreds of cars a week at salvage auctions, we spread out our risk and can afford to lose money on a car here and there, so your best bet is to get a cash offer from us and than call a few competitors to see who seems the most honest, fair, and is offering the most money.

Call Now 1-800-592-9078 and Get a Guaranteed Cash Offer For Your Junk Car.

It's incredible what people are willing to throw away these days. Just think about it. Every year, millions of Americans willingly give away their old junk cars without a second thought. But, did you know that your old junk car may still be worth money? In some cases, that rusty old scrapper might be worth hundreds of dollars and we buy junk cars in Colorado.

Old Junk Car offers Colorado's best junk removal service for old cars and trucks, whether you live in the urban wilds of Denver or on a quiet road outside Littleton. If you have an old junk car laying around and you're tired of it acting as an eye soar your neighbors can’t help but frown at, call us or fill out our web form below. We'll setup a time for one of our expert vehicle removal partners to visit your home and take away your junk car once and for all.

How Old Junk Car Works
How does this service work? To start, contact Old Junk Car and we’ll setup a time during to visit your home. We then get the necessary details from you about your old junk car. How old is the vehicle, does it run at all? Has it been in a wreck?

This information helps us not only setup the right resources for removal but to make an initial estimate for payment. When our removal partners arrive, they take away your old junk car and give you a check to cover the costs.

If your car is newer or can still be salvaged, our appraisers will set a fair value for the junk car and you'll be paid before ownership is transferred. The whole process is incredibly efficient and requires you to do nothing and pay nothing. You literally make a phone call and sign a title transfer – voila that eye soar is taken away.

Colorado Junk Car Title Regulations
To transfer ownership of your car to another party in Colorado, the following regulations must be followed:
• Certificate of Title – Provide a signed certificate of sale with odometer reading if the vehicle is newer than 10 years
• Bill of Sale – Sign and date a bill of sale with both names, price, VIN and year and model of the car.
• Plates – Remove the plates for surrender

Get Rid of Your Junker Now!
It doesn't matter what part of Colorado you live in – we can accommodate the removal of your junk car. Just call us and learn what it will take to get started. We'll provide everything you need and setup the perfect time to have that junker taken away for good.