Connecticut Junk Car Removal and Cash For Cars

Connecticut is a pretty scattered state with lots of small towns, many of which might not have a junkyard. In fact, building our junk car towing network in Connecticut took a lot of work. Figuring out which city to dispatch a tow truck from was a lot of work...Luckily for you, we already did all the Homework and it didn't hurt that a member of our team went to UCONN in Waterbury and knew his way around the state of Connecticut.

In fact, we have a team that calls Connecticut junk car buyers, like salvage yards, junkyards, small used car dealerships, scrap yards, and towing companies to negotiate the best price possible for junk cars.

This is Why we are able to offer you more money than anyone else in Connecticut for your junk car.

We still encourage you to shop around and try to get quotes from several other car buyers, but we guarantee our cash offer will beat theirs. Call now to find out how much we'll pay for your junk car in CT.

You probably have tons of questions about selling a junk car in Connecticut. We will try to answer as many of them as possible below, but feel free to call us to ask any specific questions and to get a guaranteed cash offer for your car.

1. What is considered a Junk Car in Connecticut?

Typically, a Junk car means a car that is at the end of it’s life. Our experts though know how to ask the right questions to figure out if your car really is at the end of it's life. We happen to buy all cars, even used cars in good condition, but call now to find out if your car is junk or not and how much money you can sell your junk car for in CT.

2. Who Else Buys Junk Cars for Cash in Connecticut?

You probably found us by searching in Google for cash for junk cars or junk car removal in Connecticut, and you no doubt saw dozens of websites advertising, and hundreds of other websites that appear to buy junk cars.

We obviously want you to sell your car to us :) However, it would be irresponsible to recommend that you only call us and don’t shop around. If your car is running and driving, you can call local used car dealers and see if they are interested. They will likely want to inspect it in person and that process can take a while.

If it needs to be towed, you can call a few junk yards and salvage yards near you in Connecticut and see how much scrap cars are worth in CT today. They might try to charge for towing, so make sure you ask about that too. Many of the local junk car buyers you might call have agreements with OldJunkCar to buy cars from us, we negotiate bulk deals, so we are able to fetch a higher value than you might get calling as an individual. We also have a good knack for deciding if a car is really junk or if it can be salvaged, sold at a Connecticut salvage auction and fetch a premium price. You can call the auction houses yourself, but you will be responsible for auction fees, towing, and risk the car not selling for enough. Since we sell hundreds of cars a week at salvage auctions, we spread out our risk and can afford to lose money on a car here and there, so your best bet is to get a cash offer from us and than call a few competitors to see who seems the most honest, fair, and is offering the most money.

Call Now and Get a Guaranteed Cash Offer For Your Junk Car 1-800-592-9078 . 

Over the years, we tend to gather a lot of junk, and it’s not always easy to get rid of, but nothing is harder to get rid of than an old junk car cluttering up your lawn. Most salvage yards charge you money to come take it away and finding someone to buy junk car parts is tough, especially if you live far from a major city.

That’s why Old Junk Car is a leader in Connecticut junk car removal, no matter where you live. If you have an old clunker sitting in your driveway or backyard and are tired of watching it rust away and draw the unhappy looks of your neighbors, our auto dismantler partners can get rid of it fast and give you cash for your junk car.

How it Works

If you have an old junk car on your property, provide your information here on the website or call us directly to setup a time for removal. One of our junk car towing partners will then schedule a time to visit your home and remove the car.

If the car is destined for a salvage yard, you will be paid accordingly on the spot – a price that is fair for your beloved vehicle. However, if you're junk car is worth a bit more or was simply in a wreck recently, our appraisers will review the case and ensure you are paid appropriately depending on the age and condition of the vehicle.

No matter what type of car you have – whether it is a 1965 Chevy pickup or a brand new Ford Focus, our Connecticut salvage yard partners will ensure the vehicle is quickly removed from your property and you are paid. Even better, because ownership is transferred the same day, you never need to worry about what happens to the car after it is transferred. You call, we remove and you never again worry about the old car that had been cluttering up your property.

Connecticut Junk Car Title Regulations

Connecticut state law requires that you complete the following to transfer ownership of your vehicle:
• Certificate of Title – Complete back of title with signature
• Bill of Sale – Write a bill of sale
• Plates – Remove plates for surrender along with your registration.

Get Cash for Junk Cars Today!

If you’re ready to finally get rid of that junk car once and for all, call today and setup a time for one of our Connecticut junk vehicle towing partners to visit your home. It’s easy, it’s free and it will finally get rid of that clunker in your yard.