Kentucky Junk Car Removal

Kentucky Salvage Cars

The last thing any homeowner wants to wake up to each day is a junk car taking up space in the driveway. That rusty, old junk car is not only unsightly, it's a drain on resources. But, getting an old junk car removed isn't always easy. Some salvage yards charge you up to $200 just to tow your car away. That's your property and they're charging you money to take it away. That's why, if you live in Kentucky, Old Junk Car removal service is the way to go.

Get Hard Cash for Your Junk Car
How does Old Junk Car removal service work in Kentucky? Just give us a call or use our online form to provide information about your old junk car. We will then set up a time for one of our partners from a salvage yard to come to your house and remove the old junk for sale.

Because we work with so many partners throughout Kentucky we are able to help anyone no matter what city you're in. From Bowling Green to Lexington and everywhere in between, we have salvage yards and auto dismantlers ready to come to your house and remove your old junk car.

And here's the best part. Where other companies will charge you money to come pick up your old junk car, we give you money. Instead of giving away your old junk car, sell your junk vehicle to us and take home a reasonable amount of money for whatever condition it happens to be in. If your old junk car is newer or worth more money, one of our appraisers will take a closer look at it and provide a fair amount of money for your vehicle.

Kentucky Junk Car Title Regulations
Kentucky’s rules of title transfer include the following:
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price. You must also complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement and both documents must be notarized with both signatures.
• Bill of Sale – A notarized bill of sale is required as well.

Old Junk Car in Your Area!
Old Junk Car is the service you been looking for. We come to your house, take away your junk car, and pay you money so you don't have to worry about any of these things. Whether your junk car has been sitting there for forty years collecting rust or you just got in a wreck two months ago, we will give you a fair price and get rid of your junk automobile fast.