Sell Junk Cars for Cash in Nebraska

No one likes junk sitting in their yard. Whether it’s a pile of toys, some bricks from a recent renovation or an old junk car, it’s in the way and makes your yard look cruddy. That’s why most people start researching how to have their junk vehicle towed away. However, as you may have already found, many salvage yards will charge you an arm and a leg to remove your old automobile. Luckily, if you live in Nebraska and don’t want to spend $100 or $200 to have your junk car removed, there are some alternatives.

How to Get Rid of that Junk Car
Old Junk Car specializes in connecting junk car owners with local salvage yards and auto dismantlers to have their junkers towed away. If you’ve been looking at a 40 year old Datsun on your front lawn for the last decade and are finally ready to say goodbye, your best option is to call Old Junk Car and have one of our salvage car specialists put you in touch with a wrecker in your area.

Here’s how it works. You either fill out the form here on the Old Junk Car website or call us directly. We then contact one of our regional salvage partners and they visit your home to examine your old vehicle. The car is towed away and we cut you a check, paying you cash for your junk car. If the car is newer or has been in a recent wreck and is in otherwise decent condition, one of our appraisers will take a closer look and provide a value estimate that is fair for your old junk car.

Better yet, we’ll take care of the ownership transfer right away so you can get rid of your old junk vehicle and never have to worry about it again – it will be gone and you’ll have a pile of car cash with which you can look for a new vehicle.

Nebraska Junk Car Title Regulations
If you plan on selling your junk car in Nebraska, the DMV requires the following:
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price.
• Bill of Sale – A notarized bill of sale is required in Nebraska.

Sell Junk Cars to Us Fast!
If you’re looking to get rid of your junk car, give Old Junk Car a call today. Whether you’re in Lincoln or a small town off the interstate, we’ll send someone that can tow your car, cut you a check, and give you your yard and driveway back once and for all.