New Mexico Junk Car Removal & Cash For Cars

There are few things more frustrating than being asked to pay for someone to come take your property away. But, that’s just what most junk car removal services do. They charge you upwards of $200 just to come to your house and tow away your vehicle. If you live far away, it could even be higher. So, it’s no surprise that New Mexico car owners have been clamoring for a better solution – one that will make getting rid of that rusty pile of bolts a little easier.

Auto Dismantler
Here’s how the process normally works. When you decide it’s time to get rid of a junk auto on your property, you call someone in your area with a tow truck to come take it away. They hitch it up, charge you a cool $150 or $200 and then take it away. Ownership isn’t always transferred right away and as a result, you’re not done with the car for a few days or even weeks.

We knew New Mexico residents could do with a better solution, so we’ve partnered with salvage yards and junk car towing companies throughout the state. When you call us, we partner you with a junk removal expert in your area. They come to your home, take away your junk vehicle and you don’t pay a dime. In fact, we’ll turn around and give you a check for the value of your car – even if it’s been sitting there for decades gathering rust.

And because we transfer ownership immediately and remove your car the same day, you literally never need to worry about your car again. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

New Mexico Junk Car Title Regulations
For all title transfers in the state of New Mexico, you must:
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price.
• Bill of Sale – Not required but recommended.
• Plates – Remove for transfer to a new car or surrender.

Contact Us for Car Cash!
If you have a junk car on your property, are tired of tripping over it during yard work or trying to explain it’s presence to your neighbors, it’s time to call Old Junk Car removal service. Our New Mexico vehicle removal partners will come to your home and get rid of that old junk car fast – you pay nothing and it takes no time.