Sell Junk Cars For Cash in South Dakota

As if getting in a car accident wasn’t bad enough, now you have a junk car taking up space in your yard or driveway. It barely moves, parts are falling off of it, and it’s attracting unwanted attention. But, everywhere you’ve called wants to charge you upwards of $200 to come pick it up. For most people, this isn’t a good deal. That’s why Old Junk Car has spent the last few years creating a South Dakota network of salvage yard and auto dismantler partners to get rid of those old junk cars for homeowners throughout the state.

Three Simple Steps for Junk Car Removal
When it comes time to get rid of your junk car, the first step is to find a provider who can quickly remove the scrap heap from your front yard. In the past, that meant spending hundreds of dollars to have a tow truck come out and pick up the pieces. Today, you can do the same without spending a dime – so make sure to keep your eyes out for good deals.

Second, you want to make sure the title gets transferred quickly. The last thing you want is to get stuck paying unnecessary fines or fees because the ownership paperwork wasn’t processed quickly. It’s unnecessarily stressful and time consuming and because the paperwork is so simple, there’s no reason for it.

Finally, you should get paid fairly for your junk car. Whether you’re stuck with a 62 Oldsmobile F-85 or an 87 Buick, we will analyze the condition of your car, with an appraisal if necessary, and cut you a check for the full value of the vehicle before ownership is transferred. That means you not only get free pickup, but you get paid for your old junk car no matter where you live in South Dakota.

South Dakota Junk Car Title Regulations
South Dakota’s car transfer rules include the following:
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price. If less than 7 years old, also provide a disclosure statement.
• Bill of Sale – Bill of Sale is required by South Dakota. A Report of Sale is not required but recommended in South Dakota.

Call Old Junk Car and get cash from our Salvage Yard!
If you’re ready to get rid of your junk car once and for all, don’t let a salvage yard charge you money for the pickup. Call Old Junk Car and let us pay you for your broken down old salvage cars in South Dakota. We’ve partnered with South Dakota salvage experts throughout the state to ensure we can reach anyone quickly and easily and we’ll make sure you get paid fast.