Utah Junk Car Removal & Cash For Cars

Imagine what you would do if your car suddenly broke down and you couldn’t afford to have it fixed. Instead of taking it to a garage, you’d likely have it towed home, but then what? People throughout Utah have gone through this exact situation, paying for registration and insurance on a car they simply cannot afford to have repaired. The only alternative is having someone tow it away, but even that costs money – or does it?

How Junk Car Removal Saves You Money
It’s pretty easy to forget that you have a junk car or truck sitting in your yard. It doesn’t take up that much space in most cases and if it’s in the driveway or garage, it isn’t that big of an eye soar. But, stop and think for a moment about the hidden costs of a junk car sitting in your yard.

First, there is the issue of registration and insurance. Not everyone insures a really old junk car, but what if your car was recently wrecked. Two or three months can turn into a couple years in no time and if you don’t know what you’re doing with your car, the costs in that time will add up fast. Additionally, it’s impossible to clean in and around your junk vehicle if it cannot be moved. And you could purchase another car if you had that space and the money that you’d get from the junker.

That’s why Old Junk Car is such a great deal. Anywhere in Utah, from Provo to Salt Lake City, we offer full service junk car removal. We pay you for your junk car and even take care of as much of the paperwork as possible so you don’t have to do anything but call and wait for us to arrive.

Utah Junk Car Title Regulations
In the state of Utah, to transfer a title to Old Junk Car, these steps must be completed:
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price. Odometer Disclosure Statement is required if the car is less than 10 years old.
• Bill of Sale – Not required but recommended.
• Plates – Remove plates for transfer or surrender.

Call and get cash from our Salvage Yards!
If you’re tired of looking at the junk car on your property and want to get some car cash quickly, it’s time to call Old Junk Car. We’ll work with you to setup a time with our salvage yard partners for pickup, provide full appraisal to ascertain the actual value of your car and cut you a check immediately so you don’t have to wait. And it’s all free.

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