West Virginia Junk Car Removal

If you live in West Virginia, have a junk car taking up space on your property and are tired of paying through the nose to have it insured every year when you will probably never get around to fixing it, today may be the day to have your junk car removed. However, if you want to avoid paying towing charges for the removal, make sure you call Old Junk Car. Our removal services are designed to make pickup and removal as simple as possible, without any cost to you.

Old Junk Car Removal Services that Offers Cash
Here’s the deal – when you call a traditional car towing service, they have a flat fee. You pay them a couple hundred dollars and they remove your junk car. If they can resell the car for more than the cost of the towing, it’s possible you may be reimbursed at a later date (though not all salvage yards do this). It might even take a few days or weeks for ownership transfer to take place.

With Old Junk Car, we’ve streamlined everything. No matter where you live in West Virginia, we have a salvage yard partner in your area who can arrive and remove your car quickly. There are a lot of providers in your area, whether you live in Morgantown, Charleston, Weston or Fairmont, so we work tirelessly to find the perfect one to match your needs.

We also take care of the entire paperwork process, making sure the transfer of ownership happens quickly regardless of the condition of your car. We then cut you a check for the value of your car. If it’s newer and was recently in a wreck, we will do a full appraisal and assign an appropriate value to the vehicle before payment, just to be sure you’re paid properly.

West Virginia Junk Car Title Regulations
For anyone in West Virginia, the following rules are required during the sale of a junk car.
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price.
• Bill of Sale – You’ll need a notarized bill of sale (two copies if you want one for your records).

Get Cash for Your Salvage Car!
Think about it for a second – why would you pay someone to take your property away. Valuable property, even if it doesn’t work? With Old Junk Car removal services, you’ll get the best of both worlds – someone will take your junk car away and you’ll get a check to cover the value of the car. You can then take that car cash and put it towards a new vehicle or be done with the junker forever.