The Diesels are Coming


That's right, diesel vehicles, which have long been conceived as being loud, annoying, clattering things unfit for our generation are proving to be quite the opposite. With recent advances in mechanical technology, auto manufacturers (both international and domestic) are trying to prove that times have changed. For instance, Chevy has just added the 2014 Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel to their lineup and the stats don't lie - This is one impressive little machine.

Let's get the numbers out of the way – For starters, the Turbo Diesel Cruze boasts 46MPG. Forty. Six. Miles. Per. Gallon. Alright, while impressive, all those miles aren't going to be worth a crap if the thing is more dull to drive than an oxcart, right? Well, quell those suspicions, because the Cruze is packing 151hp and 264ft.-lbs of torque under the hood, all from a 2.0 liter engine! That amount of stump pulling power from this little coal roller is impressive, because while having excessive amounts of horsepower is fun, what you really feel in your gut when launching from a stoplight and passing on the freeway is all torque. Combine that power with a range of 717 miles and a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and you can feel great about saving fuel while you do burnouts past Prius drivers everywhere.

Props to Chevy for trying to bring turbo diesels more into the mainstream, and while I know that VW has had the Jetta TDI out for quite some time, it seems large numbers of the American populace are unwilling to devote their dollars and trust into the German marque. I hope this is the jumpstart that small, efficient turbo diesel vehicles need in America, as Europe and the rest of the globe has been on this train for quite some time. Chevy isn't the only one moving to the diesel game either, rumored to be touting a diesel engine soon are vehicles from Mazda, BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Long gone are the loud, annoying junk diesel cars of yesteryear - We are now in the age of efficient, quiet, people movers with lots of power to boot. For that I say - Embrace the diesel.