The Epic Woodward Dream Cruise

40,000 cars and 1.5 MILLION fans. That's the number of classic muscle cars and automotive enthusiasts that show up every year to cruise and show off at Detroit's own Woodward Dream Cruise.

So what exactly IS the Woodward Dream Cruise and why do so many people show up? The Dream Cruise started in 1995 when a group of volunteers looked to revive and recreate the nostalgia of the 50's and 60's, when Detroit was still a thriving and prosperous metropolis full of successful industry and when big block Detroit steel roamed the streets. The first mile of concrete highway laid in the United States was also right there on Woodward Avenue, also known as the M-1 highway. Woodward Avenue itself is iconic to Detroit and was a huge proponent in fueling the performance automotive industry, as Dealerships and Drive-ins lined the wide highway, inviting gearheads to hang out and drag race down the asphalt.

The current day Woodward Dream Cruise takes place every year on the third Saturday in August, and is the single largest automotive event in the world, attracting muscle car enthusiasts from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Russia. Although it is billed as a single day event, car enthusiasts show up weeks in advance to watch all of the American muscle roll into D-town. The majority of the Dream Cruise takes place on a 16 mile strip of Woodward Avenue, and it's quite a sight to see as every single parking lot and gas station is filled to the brim with various cars and the roads are lined with spectators watching and listening to all of the heavy steel roll by.

If you are a true automotive fan, you need to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise at least once. It's a euphoric experience for a gearhead when you are surrounded by the sounds of V8's with lumpy cams, the scent of burning tires and race gas, while your eyes feast on the buffet of beautiful art rolling down the street. You can check out a Gallery of last years event and a link for more information about the Dream Cruise below:

[2012 Gallery]

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