Free Hauling for Your Junk Car

Have you finally had enough of paying for repairs on that old heap in your driveway? Was the last breakdown just one too many? If it’s time to upgrade from a junker to a shinier, more fuel efficient machine, the team at Junk Car Service is here to help. Give us a call, and not only will we pay you top dollar, we’ll haul away the hunk of junk for free!

Free Hauling for Your Junk Car
Tow Truck  Free TowingOther companies might charge you an exorbitant fee to haul your junk car away. The way we see it at Junk Car Service, that thing has already cost you enough money, so why should you have to pay another $100 or more to be rid of it? After all, you have probably spent years upon years and dollars upon dollars on gas, maintenance, repairs, registration and insurance; pouring more money into something you want to be rid of is no fun.

Instead, you can have Junk Car Service come to you anywhere in the continental 48 states, tow your car away at no cost to you, and pay top dollar for it. We can do this because we work with wrecking companies all over the country, from Montana to Florida, New Mexico to Oregon. We do the work, you reap the benefits.

How Junk Car Service Works
Using our service is simple. First, either call us at the number listed on our website, or enter your information into the site directly. One of our partners will contact you and come by to remove your junk car. Payment and transfer of ownership happen immediately, so you never have to think about that money pit of a vehicle again. Once we take it away, it’s gone for good!

We provide this service for any junk car in the country, new or old. Whether it’s a rusted out ’67 Pinto or a newer car that got the worst of an encounter with a deer, we will pay good money to take it off your hands. We also provide appraisals up front, so you can be sure of the value you are getting for your car before it gets taken away.

If you have a hunk of junk doing nothing but taking up space, don’t stress about what to do with it. Avoid paying for classified ads or dealing with strangers coming to your home to see it, call up Junk Car Service today and get paid for your heap in no time.