Fun Songs To Sing In The Car

Going on a road trip is a lot of fun but sometimes it can get a little boring too. A great driving tradition is to have a sing along session. Sing along sessions can involve just about any song that people in the car want to sing. For kids, some of the best songs are nursery rhymes and traditional tunes. Although many of these songs were written fifty or even a hundred years ago, they are still a lot of fun today! Some examples include rhymes like Little Bo Peep, Ring Around the Rosy, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Instead of only singing along, there are other activities that can be done during the songs too. Fingerplay is one example; move your fingers to make shapes and actions that help to explain the song while you sing it. Other fun things to do include looking at printable song cards or completing nursery rhyme coloring pages. Explore some of these resources to get started!

Nursery Rhymes with Cards

This list of classic nursery rhymes includes lyrics cards to take along in the car.

Fun Rhymes and Poems

Listen to an audio recording of these verses and then try out the related activities.

Rhymes by Theme

Find the perfect songs to sing in the car with this list of themed rhymes.

Narrated Rhymes and Stories

Old Mother Goose narrates some classic songs and stories for children.

Merpy Rhymes

Check out these revamped rhymes featuring some slightly spooky characters!

Mother Goose Rhymes

These traditional nursery rhymes include themed kid-friendly recipe cards.

Traditional Kids’ Songs

Learn more about traditional rhymes with some fun games and activities.

Nursery Rhymeland

In this illustrated virtual world, kids can learn some classic rhymes and meet new characters.

Rhymes with a Lesson

Each of these songs includes lyrics, an audio recording, and a few discussion questions.

Poems for Kids

Charles Ghigna introduces a new set of fun songs for kids to sing in the car or anywhere!

Assorted Songs

Choose from a huge variety of kids’ rhymes, holiday songs, patriotic tunes and more.

Music for Kids

Caillou, Mister Rogers, and other favorite television characters sing songs for kids.

Themed Songs

Find some favorite songs by theme and print out lyrics and activity sheets.

Kids Music Archive

Access a huge bank of songs for children, along with lyrics and audio files.

Online Song Bank

Get inspired with a large selection of enjoyable and educational songs.

Classics for Kids

These famous classics have been entertaining children for decades.

Preschool Songs

Watch animated videos and sing along with your favorite characters.

Rhymes and Fingerplays

These short rhymes work great with some fingerplay actions!

Traditional Sing Along Songs

Choose from a selection of traditional and Christmas songs, as well as nursery rhymes.

Fun Car Rhymes

This colorful website offers traditional rhymes with lyrics and audio.

Rhymes and Coloring

Have even more fun with coloring pages that feature nursery rhyme lyrics.

Top Rhymes for Kids (PDF)

Print out a list of all the top favorite nursery rhymes for children.

Rhymes for Toddlers (PDF)

Act out your favorite nursery rhyme with fingerplay.

Complete List of Mother Goose Rhymes

Meet all the classic Mother Goose characters through this extensive list of rhymes.

Rhymes by First Line

Find some favorite rhymes by the first line of each song.

Short Rhymes

These short nursery rhymes are easy to remember.

Animated Songs and Rhymes

Learn new songs by watching some cartoon videos online.

Summer Travel Songs

Pull out this great list of songs for long summer road trips or camping vacations.

Fingerplay Song Ideas (PDF)

These simple songs include fingerplay instructions so that kids can act out the lyrics.

Outer Space Songs

Explore outer space with these catchy galatic-themed songs.

Nursery Rhyme Videos

Nursery rhyme characters come to life in these entertaining short videos.

Nursery Rhyme Mini Books

Ask a parent to help print and assemble these collectable rhyme mini books.

Life Skill Nursery Rhymes

Did you know that many nursery rhymes actually contain lessons on how to be a better person?

Puff the Magic Dragon

Learn the enchanting lyrics to a magical song about a magical dragon called Puff.

Learn Traditional Songs

The songs presented here were written a long time ago, and are just as enjoyable today.

Scottish Songs for Kids

Learn some old songs that Scottish kids love!

Alphabetical List of Songs

Read the lyrics of old favorites and some songs that you might not know yet.

Rhyming Cards (PDF)

Print and cut out these colorful rhyming flash cards to learn the lyrics.