Get Cash for Junk Cars in Alabama

Having unwanted junk on your property is always annoying, but when it's something as big and unsightly as an old junk car, it's time to take action. There are a few ways to get rid of a junk car. You can call a towing company and pay upwards of $200 to have the car removed, you can try to find a salvage yard that will pick it up for free, or, if you live in Alabama, you can call Old Junk Car.

Easy Junk Car Removal

Old Junk Car has partnerships with both salvage yards and auto dismantlers throughout Alabama, who will come remove your rusty metal junker from your yard for free. In fact, they'll even give you money for it.

Getting rid of your junker with Old Junk Car is a simple process. Give us a call and we'll set up an appointment for an expert car dismantler to come to your home and remove the car. As soon as the car is prepared for removal, we'll right you a check for its value, on the spot. Ownership is transferred as soon as possible, and you can finally relax, knowing that your old junk car is a thing of the past.

If you do have a newer car that's worth more, we'll send out an appraiser to evaluate the car and pay you accordingly.

With Old Junk Car, removing your old junker is one less thing to worry about.

Alabama Junk Car Title Regulations

To transfer ownership in Alabama, the state requires you to provide:

• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price.
• Bill of Sale

Get Rid of Your Junk Car Today
Junk cars take up valuable space, make your home look unappealing, and cost you money. Old Junk Car makes it easier than ever to have your junk car removed in Alabama, and even make a little cash doing it. Call us now at (888) 899-9534 to get rid of your old junk car once and for all.