Fast Cash For Junk Cars in Arizona

There are few things more embarrassing than a broken old junk car in your front yard. Especially if you have no way of moving the car, you must endure raised eyebrows and questions from polite but clearly upset neighbors about the junk car. And if you try to call a towing company, they charge you $100-$200 just to remove the clunker.

That's where comes in. We provide junk car removal services throughout Arizona, whether you live in Phoenix or in a suburb outside Flagstaff. We have a network of trained wrecking experts who will come to your home, assess the vehicle and remove it fast.

How Old Junk Car Works
If you're tired of looking at that old junk car in your yard, fill out the form on our website or call us today to receive an estimate of what we can give you for your old car. When possible we’ll handle the paperwork for you and one of our salvage yard partners will arrive to remove your old junk car fast – in some cases on the same day.

When we pick up your old junk car, we will cut you a check for the value of the vehicle – whether it's a 1972 Chevette or a 2005 Corolla that got in a wreck. It doesn't matter what condition, what make or what model your junk car is – we'll take it and you'll never again need to stare at that ugly mass of metal in your front yard again.

Arizona junk car removal by Old Junk Car is fast, efficient and worry free. Because we take ownership of the vehicle when we pick it up, you'll never need to worry about what happens after the old car or truck is off your property either. Other services may leave the car in your name for days or even weeks before the transfer occurs and if something happens, you're left footing the bill.

Arizona Junk Car Title Regulations
To transfer ownership of your junk vehicle to Old Junk Car as quickly as possible, the following regulations exist in Arizona:
• Certificate of Title – Complete back and have it notarized
• Registration – Write a sold notice on back of registration (or online)
• Plates – Surrender, transfer or destroy within 30 days

Call Old Junk Car Today
If you're finally tired of staring at that old junk car and want to have it removed once and for all, contact us today. Our team of trained experts will work closely with you to remove your junk car and put some money in your pocket. It doesn't get any easier than that.