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California Auto Wreck Recycling

Edited by: Nicholas Brit

Every American strives to own their first car. They scrimp and save and eventually have a vehicle to call their own. But, no matter how much you love that car or how long you keep it, eventually it grows old and breaks down. If you’re like millions of people in California, you have a junk car on your property that you’ve been meaning to fix up or at the very least have taken away. But, who has the time or money?

Welcome to CaliforniaHaving a junk car towed away can cost as much as $200 and you gain nothing from a vehicle that has been there for years. That’s why Old Junk Car strives to offer California residents a better option – one that lets you get rid of your junk car fast without paying a dime. In fact, in most cases you even stand to make a little money.

How Does Junk Car Removal Work?
When you call Old Junk Car, we immediately set about having one of our California junk car removal experts see to your particular vehicle. We can gather your information here on the website or over the phone and then schedule a time that is best for you to have an expert visit and remove your old car.

The best part is that we don’t discern between cars. You could have a 1971 Rabbit rusting away in your garage or a 2008 Focus that got in a wreck six months ago. We will come and take it away and pay you what it’s worth. In cases of severe wrecks, you will receive a check immediately when we remove your car. For cars in better condition that can be salvaged, one of our appraisers can assign a reasonable price you’ll be paid upon transfer of ownership.

The best part is that your car will be transferred to us immediately so you don’t even have to worry about who owns the vehicle once it has been removed from your property. We will pay cash for your junk car in California so if something happens, it’s not on you.

California Junk Car Title Regulations

California License Plate
The following regulations must be followed in California to transfer ownership of your junk car.
• Certificate of Title – Sign and date the title with an odometer reading and smog certification (if your car is newer than 1975 and not a hybrid, electric, or diesel powered). No bill of sale is required in California.

Act Now to Sell Junk Cars to Us!
If you have a junk car blocking your California driveway, call Old Junk Car today and we help with your California junk car. Our trained junk car removal experts will visit your home, take away that old junker and compensate you fairly. You won’t find a better deal than that.


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"This was a seriously great investment of my time. All I had to do was call the oldjunkcar.com hotline and the friendly staff lead me through the rest of the process. I got more for my car than I expected, and best of all, it wasy EASY!"

-Terrance Rutledge, TX

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