Fast Cash For Junk Cars in Illinois

It’s frustrating – waking up and leaving the house to go to work, passing that old junk car in your driveway day after day. It sits there mocking you with its busted front end and seized up engine. You can’t drive it away, but who wants to pay the $150+ charge to have a towing company come pick it up? Luckily, if you live in Illinois and have an old junk car taking up space on your property, we can help.

Junk Car Removal Made Easy
Old Junk Car has partnered with salvage yards and auto dismantlers throughout Illinois – from Chicago to Decatur – to remove scrap heaps that are taking up space and making your home look like an eye soar. We’ve worked closely with thousands of home owners in Illinois and beyond to remove their junk cars and pay them cash.

The process is simple. You give us a call today and we’ll setup a time for one of our expert auto dismantlers to visit your home and remove the junk car. Once the car has been hooked up and prepared for removal, we’ll write you a check for its value and you never again need to worry about it. Ownership is transferred as soon as possible too so you can really say goodbye to your junker for good.

If your car happens to be worth more as a newer model that isn’t completely destroyed, we’ll have an appraiser take a closer look and provide a payment that suits the value of your car. It’s that simple – you call us; we give you money.

Illinois Junk Car Title Regulations
If you want to quickly and easily shift ownership, Illinois requires the following for a sale:
• Certificate of Title – Complete the back of the title with your name, odometer reading, date and price.
• Bill of Sale – Bill of sale is not required, but is highly recommended.

Get Rid of Your Junk Car Today!
No one wants to stare at a junk car every day of their life. It takes up space, costs you money, and annoys your neighbors. Thankfully, with Old Junk Car, it’s easier than ever to get rid of that scrap heap and make a little car cash doing so. We buy salvage cars that are for sale in Illinois, so give us a call today and learn what the next step in the junk car removal process is.

Cash for junk cars Illinois.