Q&A’s of Scrapping a Vehicle in Corpus Christi, Texas

Q: When should I scrap my car?
A: If you have an old car that is sitting around and taking up space, rather than being used, you may want to consider calling around to junk yards, salvage yards, and car dealerships to get an idea of what they would pay for your vehicle. The longer the car sits, the more it will deteriorate and loose value.

Q: I have decided to sell my junk car, what’s the first step?
A: Before anything else, go out to the car and be sure to remove any garbage and personal belongings. Many locations will deduct a cleaning fee from the sales price if there is a lot of refuse in the vehicle which will have to be disposed up. You may also want to remove the spare tire and license plate, as well as contact the insurance company to notify them and cancel any policy you may still have on the car. Next, find a handful of great business which accepts junk cars. This can easily be done by searching online for locations in your area with positive reviews.

Q: How can I be sure I am getting a fair price for the car?
A: Calling around to multiple locations which buy scrap vehicles will generally be the best way to get a solid idea of what the car is worth. Also, don’t be afraid to barter. If one business is quoting below the other quotes you have received, throw out a price you would be more comfortable selling the vehicle for or perhaps request a discounted towing fee. The initial offer from dealers is almost always going to be below what they are truly willing to pay.

You may also want to conduct the research to lean for yourself how much the car is worth. Most junk vehicles sell for $200 to $400, but the amount varies based upon year, make, and model; condition of the car; problems and damage; and the current price for scrap metal. Kelley Blue Book states that scrap cars are generally worth 20-40% of their used price. However, keep in mind that a truly rusty clunker which is not driving will be bought for scrap value, rather than the value of its parts.

Q: Can I still scrap the vehicle if I no longer have the title?
A: As long as you are the owner of an automobile, 10 years old or older, and is registered in your name.

Who Else Buys Junk Cars in Corpus Christi, Texas

• Pull-A-Part Salvage Yard, 5609 Agnes Street.
• Cars 4 Cash, a cash for cars based used car dealership, located at 850 S. Padre Island Drive.
• Copart Auto Auctions, 3200 Agnes Street.
• Advantage Salvage and Auto Parts Junkyard, 5330 Agnes Street.