Man Killed After 11-Block Ride On Hood Of Angry Wife’s SUV

A Queens woman is in custody on murder charges after police say she sped around New York with her husband clinging to the hood of her SUV before it crashed into another car and killed the man.

The New York Post reports that Maria Espinosa, 51, drove for some 11 blocks with her 34-year-old husband Matthew Soria on the hood of her Ford Explorer, desperately screaming at her to stop the car.

The Post says that the two had been fighting over money that day. When Soria demanded keys to the car and Espinosa refused to hand them over, he jumped onto the hood and she drove away. She backed up, hit a parked car, and blasted west down Jamaica Avenue at 80 mph while he was still on the hood, the paper says.

After spinning a U-turn and continuing east on Jamaica Avenue for a while, she crashed into a white Nissan near the intersection of Jamaica and Crescent Street, pinning Soria and killing him. He was pronounced dead at an area hospital, and two other people suffered minor injuries in the crash. From the Post:

Guille Areola, 35, who sells flowers at Euclid and Jamaica, wanted to believe the incident was some kind of weird joke or stunt.

“I thought it was for fun,” she said. But as soon as Espinosa pulled the U-turn, “I could see desperation on the man’s face.”

After the crash, “the woman was crying. She looked confused,” the witness said.

Crazy. Incredibly sad, but also crazy.

Photo credit ABC7

Source: Jalopnik