A Quasi Rare Cougar Longroof


So recently, this olelongrooffan was out and about checking on various things going on in my life these days and up in front of one of Bennett’s Auto Parts locations, I spotted something that hits two buttons in the life of this olelongrooffan. Longroofs and Cougars.


Yeah this is a Mercury Cougar longroof dating from around 1977, complete with a bright red vinyl interior, a skinny steering wheel, a bunch of aftermarket dash mounted goodies and a


needing to be adjusted Holley carburator under its bonnet. Yeah, the guy who was working on it mentioned he had owned it about four weeks after having found it in a barn out in the “Acreage,” an area round these here parts of which this olelongrooffan had not previously known.


It sported a multitude of colors the most consistent of which was the plastic wood grain siding. Yeah, that wood was nearly perfect and reflected the 78,000 miles on the clock of this longroof rather well.


Although there were a few trim bits and pieces missing, overall this longroof looked to be in fairly decent shape. The front and back porches on it were somewhat amusing to this olelongrooffan as was the air d


But the Holman Moody power under the hood of it was one of the cooler aspects of this olelongrooffan and I thought my fellow Hoons might feel the same way.

Credit: Hooniverse