What to look for in a cash for cars company

Written by: Nicholas Brit

To start telling you the story of why we are successful at what we do and why, we feel, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to selling your old, junk car we need to first explain how most companies in this industry operate.

Unfortunately for the consumer, some used car-buying companies do not always have the best interest of the seller in mind at all times. This, to us, is unforgivable.

It may just be due to a lack of simple, core business values such as user experience and customer service. It may be because of a deficiency of services they can offer,  such as cash-on-hand or dispatching a certified, trustworthy tow truck. These things make a huge difference. While others yet, simply do not care because they don't have to. It may also be because of an absence of honesty and integrity.

These are just some of the reasons why it is extremely hard to find a good junk car removal service.

Now we'll tell you how we analyzed every step of the process and worked to improve on them.

The first is thing is the initial phone call. We understand that you are busy. We get that you don't have time to wait on hold for 20 minutes because you have other things you have to do. So we made a concerted effort to minimize hold times. We implemented a stat-of-the-art phone system that allows for 90% of all callers to speak to a human being within 60 seconds. This shorter wait ensures a smoother and faster call allowing you to get on with your day.

Next, is our unique sales customer service team approach. We have one goal. That goal is to make you happy. Built into the framework of that objective lies a very important rule that we live by. Be cordial, offer the very best possible quote and help the customer with any problems they may have, regardless if a sale was made or not. The uncertainty in the secondary car market can be very daunting. We trained our salesmen to be sensitive to your inquiries regarding the junk car process. We strive every day to be a caring and understanding company, whether a transaction is made or not.

Lastly, and humbly, we can tell you that throughout all of the years of being in business the best and most common feedback we get from customers like you, is thanking us for our honesty. Our top priority at Old Junk Car is always being forthright. Did we ever lose money because we weren't willing to bend the truth? Sure, many times. But we understand that we have a responsibility to our customers and to the industry as a whole. We take that responsibility very seriously. Honest.

Thank you visiting OldJunkCar.com,